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Does Volaris require Covid test to travel to Mexico ?

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Some information about Volaris airlines 

Does Volaris require Covid test to travel to Mexico ?

The COVID-19 outbreak has diminished Volaris's competitiveness, which distinguishes its stock from other airlines'. Consequently, the global deployment of vaccinations will help the corporation to quickly return to growth, while enhancing its leadership position in the Mexican aviation industry.
Aeromexico, the national airline of Mexico, filed for bankruptcy this year. Even before the epidemic, the company was losing money because it was unable to compete with low-cost airlines like Volaris. It is lowering its fleet size and concentrating on its most profitable routes, particularly long-haul foreign routes where it does not face competition from low-cost carriers.
Interjet, which was the second-largest airline in Mexico a few years ago, is now in a far worse position. According to reports, the company has not paid its employees for several months and owes up to 13.7 billion pesos ($680 million) in unpaid taxes, gasoline bills, and other obligations. In addition, aeroplane leasing companies have repossessed the majority of their fleets. Even if Interjet is able to survive, its size will be substantially reduced.

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